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Uncorked Wine Tours is a family friendly fun time

When thinking of a fun family destination on the Central Coast of California, a wine tour might not seem like the first idea, but in reality it is just perfect for families. The heritage, architecture, agriculture, and history provide a wonderful backdrop to any family retreat or celebration. Unwinding along the way, sharing a glass with loved ones, on a wine tour in Paso Robles is the perfect family friendly experience. Uncorked Wine Tours is welcoming to children and grandchildren, helping them to understand the history of the area while soaking up the outdoors, and enjoying scenic surroundings.

Getting into an area as rich in beauty as San Luis Obispo County Wine country is exciting and interesting for family members of all ages. With such warm and friendly wineries and breweries along the way, small family vineyards and farms, the emphasis on togetherness is always first priority. Wine tours isn’t only about tasting the amazing wines which grow nowhere else on Earth, but the focus is on keeping people who take the tour in a happy place, surrounded by love. With so much countryside and breathtaking scenery, good food, and interesting stops along the way, Uncorked Wine Tours helps many families to enjoy an educational and fun experience. Vineyards, farms, and tasting rooms of the many local wineries and breweries along the tour provide the perfect places for family pit stops, enlightening conversations, and sips of delicious varietals. Snacking and lunching at a favorite winery is seamlessly planned thanks to Uncorked Wine Tours perfectly flowing agenda, helping to make the most of precious time together.


5 Stars on Yelp!!! Jackie M of Los Angeles had this to say about Uncorked Wine Tours- “First of all I can’t say enough about Katie. She is definitely family after the tour we had this past weekend. She is knowledgeable, friendly and an all around great person. She picked 5 vineyards for the tour but we only made it to 4 because we were having such a great time and we didn’t have enough time to go to the fifth vineyard. I love that Katie knows the Vineyard histories and owners and they really love to see her when she comes in with a new group for the tours. I like the personal touch she gave the tour and answered all our questions and made it a lovely weekend. I am definitely looking forward to my next Uncorked Wine Tour. I will be telling all my friends and family about it. Great Experience!! Love, Love, Love Katie and Uncorked Wine Tours. You are the best!!”

About Uncorked Wine Tours

Uncorked Wine Tours is an award-winning, winery and brewery touring service that covers the San Luis Obispo county, ranging from Edna Valley to Paso Robles. The highly knowledgeable staff provide a smooth, personalized tour of wineries. Owner Katie Hayward offers itineraries that can’t be matched, with a wide base of knowledge on wineries, vineyards and special places to experience.

Uncorked Wine Tours 724 Spring St, Ste A Paso Robles, CA 93446 (805) 459-4500 TCP #34055


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