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  • What should we wear?
    As the seasons change, so does Paso Robles’ weather! Springtime usually brings warm afternoons but also brings crisp, cool evenings as the sun starts to fade. The best way to pack for your Paso wine country vacation? We recommend bringing layers to take off (and put back on!) as the weather changes throughout the day.
  • Where do we eat lunch?
    Let’s all be honest here, when wine tasting we also need FOOD to keep us all feeling good and able to drink more wine! When booking your tour, we have the option of an included deli lunch to enjoy at a winery picnic area. Deli sandwiches not your thing? You are more than welcome to BYOF (bring your own food!) or enjoy one of our wonderful winery restaurants sprinkled throughout our area as well. When booking, we’ll discuss which food options work best for you, no one will go hungry!
  • Do you choose the wineries?
    Uncorked Wine Tours are completely customizable. Which means you are more than welcome to pick and choose where you go or let us set up an itinerary for you. You can make reservations or we can do the work for you to guarantee your time schedule lines up with your stops! There are over 300 wineries to choose from in wine country and we have a list of our favorites if you need some help deciding. When booking, we always ask for preferences and we’ll work together to create your perfect wine tasting experience!
  • Are there other options than wineries?
    Paso Robles is LOADED with amazing experiences for all ages and preferences. When you book an Uncorked Wine Tour, you are not limited to wine! We can book all sorts of experiences for you and your group, including tasting spirits, beer, cider, and even olive oil. Want to include other experiences other than tastings as well? We can make your dinner reservations, book a zip lining tour or even an art experience at Sensorio! With Uncorked Wine Tours, wine country is your oyster and we’re here to make it happen.
  • Is Uncorked Wine Tours dog-friendly?
    Of course! Let us know while booking that you’ll be bringing your furry best friend and we’ll set you up at pet friendly wineries on your tour. We just ask that you bring your leash and harness and make sure your pup is well behaved in the vehicle and at the wineries. As a reminder, bring some extra water for your pup just in case!
  • Can we bring our kids?
    Yes, bring your kiddos but please be respectful and let us know so we can set you up at kid friendly spots! Fortunately, there are plenty of them here in wine country. Fun for the whole family!
  • Do you supply any water?
    Yes, we supply water bottles in every vehicle. We’re all about drinking wine but also about staying hydrated and comfortable throughout your day.
  • What type of vehicle would we be in?
    We have an entire fleet with many different kinds of vehicles. You can view our fleet here. Your vehicle is chosen based on your group size. If you have a preference, please let us know at the time of booking.
  • What time does the tour begin?
    After your reservations are made, we will notify you of your pickup time. Because all tours are customized, we don't have a set schedule. Your pickup time will be decided based on the length of time it will take to get from your accommodations to your first tasting reservation. Typical pickup times are between 9-11am but this all depends on your personalized tour itinerary!
  • Do you pick us up at our accommodations?
    Yes! We can pick up anywhere in San Luis Obispo County. A mileage fee applies if your accommodations are outside of Paso Robles.
  • Are reservations required at all wineries?
    Yes, reservations are required at (almost all) wineries. Walk-in tastings are a thing of the past in Paso Robles. Our wine country is getting busier every year and our local wineries have had to implement reservation systems in order to help keep your tastings organized, pleasant, and attentive.
  • Do you have winery recommendations?
    Of course! We are wine country locals, born and raised. Plus, we've been in the wine tour industry for 12 years now! All of this local and industry knowledge has provided us with great insight into the best winery stops for your group. Simply provide us with your preferences and we'll know just where to take you!
  • Can we play our own music in the vehicle?
    Yes! All of our vehicles are fitted with bluetooth capabilities. Your driver can help you hook up your device to the vehicle's bluetooth so that you can choose your tunes all tour long!
  • Does our tour driver stay at the winery with us?
    Your tour guide is your transportation concierge for the day! They will help check you into each reservation, ensuring a smooth check-in process. They will then make sure you have what you need and will wait at the vehicle onsite. They will check in with you during your appointment to make sure all is well and will be there as soon as you are ready to go. Your driver will help make sure you have a great time while keeping you on schedule.
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