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Is January A Good Time for Wine-Tasting in California?

If you’re coming to Paso Robles wine country, then YES! Here are some of the reasons a trip to the Central Coast is still a great idea in January:


California is known for beautiful weather year-round and the Central Coast is no exception. In Paso Robles, the average temperature is 62 degrees in January - all you need is layers and you’ll be happy as a clam! Though we only have about 6 days of rain the entire month, most wineries have beautiful indoor seating areas for your tasting appointments. When it’s not raining, we have mostly clear blue skies and sunshine!

Fewer Crowds

With Paso Robles wine country at an ultra-competitive level with long-standing Napa, we are getting more and more visitors during peak season. We have top-ranked wineries in the country, Michelin-starred restaurants, a 15-acre art installation ranked #6 in ​“50 Places to Vis­it” by New York Times, and so much more. All of these things make Paso Robles a popular place to visit, but there are far fewer crowds in January! That means more focused service at the wineries, more opportunities for prime views, and….

More Affordable Accommodations

Peak season in wine country is usually March-October. As soon as spring break hits, we are nonstop busy through the end of October’s harvest month. Of course, the weekends around Valentine’s Day and the November/December holiday season is much less budget-friendly anywhere you go. What does that leave? January! Planning your trip to Paso Robles wine country in January means you’ll save big on your accommodations.


When planning your winter getaways, make sure Paso Robles wine country is on your list. We have great winter weather, incredible food & drink, fewer crowds, beautiful sights, and affordable accommodations. When you’re ready, Uncorked Wine Tours is here to help make the most of your trip with a wine tasting itinerary sure to make you fall in love with the Central Coast!


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