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Let's Do Lunch

Wine and Dine on your Tasting Tour

One can not survive on wine alone… believe me we’ve tried. We must also have delicious food to pair with said wine. Thankfully, Paso Robles has many options when it comes to dining during your wine tour or you can pack your own goodies to enjoy along the way.

Tried and true, a picnic is always a hit while on your wine tour. Among our favorite options are boxed lunches from Red Scooter Deli and cheese and charcuterie boxes from Di Raimondo’s Italian Market and Cheese Shop. Red Scooter Deli offers customizable boxed lunches with a sandwich, wrap or salad complete with side deli salads or baguette, potato chips and a cookie. Di Raimondo’s creates cheese and charcuterie boxes that are works of art, featuring artisan cheeses, cured meats, olives, nuts, dried fruit, dark chocolate and honeycomb. Your picnic lunch or cheese and charcuterie platter can be enjoyed at many wineries throughout wine country.

If you would like to enjoy small bites during your tasting or a full service lunch while on your tour, there are many options sprinkled throughout the area. Be sure to check wineries websites for specific days, times and offerings.

(list generated 5/11/2021)


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