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Paso Robles Nightlife

Beautiful days are easy to come by in Paso Robles and best spent at one of the hundreds of wineries in our area! Whether you’re looking for the date spot, wineries with a view, or kid-friendly stops, there are plenty of ways to plan the perfect day in wine country.

But when the sun starts to set and the wineries close their gates for the day, what is there to do? We’ve got you covered for nightlife in Paso Robles.

  1. Libretto - On Fridays & Saturdays, just a block from the downtown Paso Robles park, you’ll find Libretto. This unique, underground piano lounge is filled with the sounds of live jazz and laughter as guests sip the best local wines. You can often find award-winning pianists playing on their Steinway Grand Piano, so arrive early to get the best seats.

Libretto Credit: Travel Paso

2. Cattlemen’s Lounge at the Paso Robles Inn - For a true Paso Robles experience, grab a cocktail at the

Cattlemen’s Lounge. Located inside of the historic Paso Robles Inn, this lounge serves up incredible

cocktails and tasty bar bites. Learn a little about Paso Robles’ rancher history and, if you’re in town on a

Thursday night, stop by for live music too!

3. Pine Street Karaoke - A local’s favorite dive bar, the Pine Street Saloon rests in the oldest building in

downtown Paso Robles. This false-front building looks to be straight out of an old Western movie and

grabbing a cold one at its bar is a bit of a rite of passage around here. Starting at 9pm on Tuesdays,

Fridays, and Sundays, pull your friends up to the microphone and serenade the crowd with your favorite

karaoke song.

4. Vina Robles Amphitheater - There’s nothing like ending a good day under the stars with live music or a

bunch of laughs. At the Vina Robles Amphitheater, an incredible lineup of top-name artists and

comedians take the stage to win your heart. With a beautiful setting and popular entertainers, a night at

Vina Robles is sure to bring lots of lifelong memories.

Credit: Vina Robles Amphitheater

5. Secret Speakeasy - We wouldn’t be loyal locals if we gave away the name or location, but there is an

active speakeasy off one of the side streets in downtown Paso Robles that is definitely worth the search.

The doorway is unassuming and, if you’re let in, you’ll really feel like you’ve entered a sacred space just

outside the law. Within, talented mixologists pour craft cocktails in the dimly lit lounge.

Whatever Paso Robles nightlife you choose to partake in, make sure you have a safe ride back home. Uber and Lyft aren’t super reliable in town so try to make sure you have a plan first. There are lots of accommodations within walking distance so it’s smart to plan to stay close. Better yet, book Uncorked Wine Tours for your daytime shenanigans and have us stick with you till closing time!


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