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Paso Robles Women-Owned Businesses

As a female business owner, I LOVE to support women-owned businesses. There is power, creativity, empathy, and intentionality around every turn. Not to mention, women know how to decorate and entertain, so you know you’re going to have a fabulous time in a beautiful space when you visit any woman-owned business.

Here are a handful of women-owned businesses we love to support right here in Paso Robles:

Woman-Owned Wineries

  1. J Dusi Wines owned by Janell Dusi - Janell was born and raised on the Dusi Vineyard where her grandfather Dante taught her the old world Italian style of winemaking. Their wines are hand-crafted and sustainably produced. One thing Janell knows for sure; winemaking is part science, part art and 100% passion.

  2. LXV Wines owned by Neeta Mittal - Neeta’s wines and the atmosphere at LXV is inspired by her mother’s exploration of spices and herbs in her home of Mumbai, India. At LXV, Neeta has brought the flavors from around the world to her tasting table – through wines and through pairings.

  3. Pelletiere Estate owned by Janis Pelletiere - Janis was raised in an Italian neighborhood just outside of Chicago. She learned a deep sense of respect for family, a love of food & wine, and the joys of a collaborative effort from her family’s meal traditions. Her wines are a reflection of these ideals and of her commitment to sustainable farming and gentle winemaking techniques.

Woman-Owned Restaurants

  1. Red Scooter Deli owned by Stephanie Johnston - Red Scooter Deli is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Owner Stephanie Johnston is passionate about providing high quality ingredients and exceptional customer service. All of our artisan deli picnic lunches come from Red Scooter - they accommodate allergy requirements, too!

Other Women-Owned Businesses

  1. Just Baked Cake Studio & Bakery owned by Libby Ryan - Inspired by her son’s request for a skateboard cake, Libby began baking from her licensed home kitchen. Libby is self-taught and a local through and through. They specialize in cakes but also offer counter service and pre-orders for cookies, cupcakes, pastries, and more!

  2. FARMstead ED owned by Lynette Sonne - FARMstead ED is a local non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education and sustainability through hands-on experiences in agriculture and food systems. Lynette is passionate about teaching tourists and townies alike about local agriculture and the farmers and makers behind every product.

  3. Paso Market Walk owned by Deborah Baldwin - Paso Market Walk in Paso Robles is a unique shopping experience owned and operated by Jill Alexander. It's a place to find unique gifts, clothing, jewelry and home decor, all sourced locally.

  4. 15 Degrees C owned by Ali Rush - Ali is a certified advanced sommelier, a devoted mother, and traveler. 15 Degrees C in Templeton is a unique wine bar and restaurant with a continuously changing seasonal menu. It offers a cozy atmosphere and an extensive selection of wines from around the world.

If you’re in Paso Robles, we would highly recommend visiting with at least a few of these incredible women-owned businesses. In fact, we’d love to TAKE you! We regularly visit these wineries, support Red Scooter Deli for our artisan deli picnic lunch boxes, set up olive oil tastings at Pasolivo, participate in agritourism with FARMstead ED, and set up many reservations at these restaurants. Let us schedule your GIRL POWER tour today with Uncorked Wine Tours!

Find more women-owned businesses in San Luis Obispo here: At Her Table.


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